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Questions On One Of The Biggest Automotive YouTube Channels Out There? Here Are Your Answers.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

After meeting Ben (short Ben) at The Straight Pipes meet at TMP a few months back, and after losing the interview in emails a few times, here are 10 questions from the roadtripers, mechanics, and genuine people that are Gears And Gasoline.

1. What got you started and why?

Tall Ben was taking video classes in college and he had a project where he needed to film an interview style video and he decided to film a video on Short Ben working on his escort. That sparked the interest and ever since then we kept making videos

2. Why cars/automotive stuff?

We're car guys at heart, we love cars!

3. What has surprised you the most since starting to do this?

Surprised at all of the places we've been able to go and people we've been able to meet!

4. How has this changed you as a person?

Surprisingly I think this has humbled me as a person. Getting in to this just shows how awesome other people are and has helped me become a more well rounded person.

5. What are the things that inspire you the most?

Hard working people inspire me, in pretty much any capacity, people that are enthusiastic and work hard towards their goals keep me going!

6. Is there an achievement that you are most proud of, why?

I don't think I've hit that achievement yet, I think there's still so much more to come!

7. What have you learned that you would share with others about starting something new and unique?

It requires a lot of failure and operating at a loss before anyone will notice, or before success will come. We operated at a financial loss for 2 years before we were able to make any money doing this.

8. If you had a crystal ball how do you think things will look with Gears and Gasoline in 5 years?  Where do you want things to go?

I'd love for Gears and Gasoline to become somewhat of a video version of speedhunters, covering different categories of car culture in everyway.

9. If you could have your ultimate dream car (money no object), what would it be?

FD RX7, no question. We both love that car.

10.How did you two meet?

We met through cars of course! I (short ben) was working on my car and I needed extra hands to help. My friend brought other Ben with him to my house and that's how we met! By helping me work on my car!

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