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Mini Racerz! The Perfect Shutdown Activity

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Quarantine has been quite tough for us all, with little to do and things just now opening up, we took to Instagram to find some good ways to pass the time and satisfy our automotive needs. Our search led to the discovery of Mini Racerz, an Instagram page dedicated to cool animations and virtual racing series! Curious for more? Here’s the owner and founder of Mini Racerz, Matt, to tell you everything you could ever want to know!

Who I am: My name is Matt but I like to go by Meermatt! I'm a digital designer, video content creator, and electronic music producer. I always try to bring fun, positivity, and lightheartedness into my work. I'm extremely passionate about creativity- it's what fuels me every single day! When I'm not creating, I love to collect diecast cars, play Mario Kart and Project Cars 2, go to art museums, and eat Chipotle.

About Mini Racerz: The concept is simple- I design and animate four little cars racing around different circuits. The animated races are broken up into seasons. Followers of my Instagram page try to guess which color car will win each race, and earn points when they win. Mini Racerz is a project/personal brand I started as part of my Master's Thesis where I attended graduate school in Valencia, Spain. It blends my three favorite things: art, music, and racing.

All aspects of Mini Racerz are original. This includes track designs, car designs, animation, video post-production, background music, sound design, running social media, etc. I have been so fortunate with the insanely awesome community that has come out of this, and I have a feeling we're just getting started!

On top of the animated races, I've also turned Mini Racerz into a playable computer game, and have been featuring some of my diecast photography and motion graphic animation the past year as well. Here is a link to the page!

So there you go, a perfect way to spend your downtime! Especially in these cold winter months in Buffalo, where's there's very little to watch and follow, so Matt and his page offer a perfect filler for those days when we can’t watch a race or go to an event.

Remember to click the link to his Instagram page and choose your racer for this season! And a huge thank you to Matt for providing us with this opportunity and information to make this article happen!

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Xavery Scott
Xavery Scott
Mar 16, 2021

Capone is the best!

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