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We Interviewed The Owner Of A Nissan R34 GT-R

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

When we posted a picture of this R34 on Instagram, it instantly became our most liked post in hours, and we’re glad you all like it because we interviewed the owner! Jason, the owner brought the car to a track day hosted by YouTube channel The Straight Pipes. I took a couple pictures, found the owner on Instagram @yyzcurator and asked if he’d like to answer some questions for us! Here we go!

1. Why did you choose to buy the R34 over the other generations of GT-R?

Honestly, I grew up with that car in mind. It was “the car” in all my video games from Need for Speed to GranTurismo. It first started when I was exposed to PS2 during one of my visits to New Zealand when I was 8. Ever since then it’s been the car that I chose for all the arcade games. Of course, Fast & Furious film series played a huge role. I remember in the early 2000s, when I first started to use a PC, running Windows 95, I was on Nissan Singapore’s website, configurating a Skyline, in many different colors. I cannot recall which specific model it was, but apple green and sky blue were one of many colors available. 

2. Have you modified the car in any way?

Mechanically, no. Cosmetically, yes. It was the full Z-Tune kit from the Omori Factory. Suspension and brakes have been change/upgraded to improve handling. 

3. If not, do you have any plans to?

Probably not, unless they’re Omoni factory parts. I don’t see the need to modify a car that was already years ahead of itself. 

4. How does the R34 compare to the other generations?

I haven’t driven the R32 GTR and Hakosuka GTR. But between R33 GTR and R35 GTR, the R34 GTR has the beset driving dynamics. Tight and responsive, an experience like no other. The 33 was good, but not great. It bridges between the 32/34, even with driving dynamics. As for the 35, you literally lose the experience because of the clunky automatic. Although it’s fast and everything, you don’t get to experience the car.

5. When did you import the car?

Early this year. 

6. How long was the import process?

No idea. A few weeks maybe. I have a buddy who did all the Canadian logistics for me. 

7. Finally, tell us about you recent cross country road trip

I’m afraid I can’t sum up the entire trip in this writing. But a blog will soon be up hopefully. For this year, I wanted to participate and attend Carweek in Monterey. It’s always special seeing tens of million dollar cars driving around on public roads with license plates from different states, even different countries! The roadtrip covered 16 states, covering California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky,  Ohio, and Michigan before crossing the border into Canada. The most significant place that I passed through were Monument Valley, mountain pass at Aspen, and Tail of the Dragon. Not once was I stopped by the police… Well, once, only because he was super excited to see an R34. I’d do it again, perhaps going west this time, passing through Yellowstone etc. Until next time!

So there you go! We’d like to thank the owner once again for doing this interview with us. Go follow him on Instagram @yyzcurator!

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