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What is The Best Super Car Ever?

What is the best supercar ever created? This is a very touchy topic because of many different people’s preferences. Let’s start from the beginning, the McLaren F1 was the big daddy, the OG supercar, although the Lamborghini Miura may have been the first to the name ‘Supercar’ it really didn’t catch on until the 90’s when the F1 was released. Ask anyone what the word ‘supercar’ means to them, and you’ll get hundreds of different answers. Although it loosely fits into the definition, ‘Exotic car from the 1990’s to today’.

When asked what the greatest supercar is, most car people will respond with the Bugatti Veyron. And they’re not wrong, the Veyron is a near perfect car, lots of power, held a top speed record, was and still is expensive, and was adored by many rappers who would put down massive loans just to have one of these cars. The early Veyron’s may be considered supercars, while the newer versions such as the Super Sport and the Grand Sport, stepped more into hypercar territory, which is another topic for another time. Which brings us to Lamborghini, the name usually associated most with the title, ‘supercar’. It may be because of the cool raising doors, or most automotive YouTubers obsession with the car, but maybe it was because of the Countach. It was all our car-loving fathers poster car, which of course, they showed all their car loving sons and daughters. And that got a whole generation hooked on supercars. And the there was the Murcielago, which was every kid in the early 2000’s poster vehicle, with its screaming V12 and gated manual transmission, it was a dream to all car people. Then, we move on to an American legend, the 2005 Ford GT. It had the racing heritage, it had a very American V8, and was the first of not too many American supercars. Continuing down the loud and powerful line of supercars, we come to another legend, but not in America. Every tuner has a fantasy of owning an R32, 33, or 34 GT-R, but in 2009, America got the R35. Now we no longer had to wait 25 years for our favorite cars to get imported and we could just walk into our local Nissan dealer and pick one up from around a 100K.

2010 marked a new chapter in the life of the supercar, new tech, more power, better overall cars, the first of which, came from a very different company. The Lexus LFA stormed into the game with a very expensive asking price for nearly $500,000, a glorious V10 with tuning from sound company Yamaha, and very limited numbers with only about 500 being made with 179 being sent to the US. And yet another amazing car came from Italy again, the Lamborghini Aventador, with a 6.5 liter V12 making 690 screaming horsepower, the Aventador was and still is one of the most popular Lamborghini’s to date, being very popular in Japan with many different millionaires takes on what the shiniest wrap could be.

And that nearly brings us to today, with so many other amazing supercars being released all the time, this article would take days to read. But back to the beginning question: what is the vest supercar in the world? I alone cannot answer that question, others will be happy to debate on that question. My personal favorite is the Lexus LFA, but that’s my preference. So think about it, what is the best supercar ever? It’s up to you, and maybe one day, there will be another car as great and as legendary as the F1 that we all can declare we love.

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