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The Koenigsegg Jesko, Is It A Big Improvement Over the Mighty Agera?

This should be easy, it‘s a new car versus a not-so-new car, the new one takes the instant win. But does it? The new Jesko is a great car, don’t get me wrong, but it’s very different from the normal Koenigsegg halo car. The hybrid Regera with 1,500 horsepower is more like the new Jesko than the Agera RS. Although the Jesko isn’t a hybrid it has the same innovative tech that the Regera brought to the hypercar game. Like the Regera, the transmission is all-new and developed by Koenigsegg. This new transmission is so complicated that I’ll have to write another story dedicated to just that. But the Agera RS is the worlds fastest cat with a average top speed of almost 278 mph, so can the Jesko beat it? (If your having trouble with the name, pronounce it Yesko and not Jesko). The Jesko was unveiled with a serious aero job, a massive wing and an ankle-breaking splitter, so how can it break 300? Well, you may not know that the Agera RS had two wing option, the high or low downforce. The Jesko will be the same, but the low downforce or top speed version has yet to be released.

But in my opinion, the Jesko is not the best looking of Koenigsegg’s models, while the Agera is simply gorgeous. And the interior is a little gimmicky with the steering wheel display and all.

So if you had $10 million to spend on a near 300 mph hyperca, which do you take? The Jesko or Agera RS?

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