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New Corvette Stingray Or Used R8 V8?

This is a tricky one. With the release of the new mid-engine C8, the Corvette has a whole new world of competition, like the Acura NSX, to deal with. But most of these cars are well over $100,000, more than $40,000 more than the base C8 Stingray. And with owners looking for things to beat at the stoplight, the original R8 is the perfect foe for the Vette.

The original V8 R8 had 430 horsepower from its 4.2 liter engine, and the 2019 C8 makes 495 from it‘s 6.2. And a used R8 will set you back no less than $70,000 and if you haven’t preordered your new C8, the dealer markups will be massive because of the huge demand for them.

The C8 has a removable targa roof with the convertible to come and the original R8 convertible comes in close to the coupé in price.

But what really matters is which is worth buying for around the same price. Let’s start with usability. The R8 is all-wheel drive so, for all the northern owners, it can be used year round if they choose to make it a daily-driver in the bad weather. For performance, the C8 wins with 65 more horsepower and a much quicker 0-60 time. It also has the best stock sound of the two.

In value, the C8 will be very expensive when it comes to dealers and crazy mark-ups. So, what’s the better buy? Go with the R8, C8’s are too expensive and with similar performance and all-wheel drive, the R8 is a better all-around car. If you love American cars don‘t hesitate to get the new Vette, but if you just want a good-looking, V8 performance car, get the R8.

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Ryan Rosiek
Ryan Rosiek
Aug 07, 2019

My guess is the C8 will be able to to give the R8 a run for its money on the street or track, probably beat it in most cases, but the fact that the C8 doesn't have a stick (a lot more common in sports cars these days sadly) and the styling, I'd take the R8 every time.


Great article! This is the question I have been pondering a bit. For me, as the vehicle might also double as an investment, I am thinking the Gen 1 R8 depreciation hit has largely been taken, and the manual gearbox versions are actually now climbing in value. Would be curious to see, what happens over time with the new it is an amazing car!

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