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Meet The Purple Diamond In The Rough Of Buffalo.

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

If you're getting bored of us reviewing Audi's, we promise, we're almost done and have a few different cars planned out in the coming weeks. This review needed to be done, because after Jack, the owner of this fire-spitting S4, sent us a video of him using the 2-step system on his car, we fell in love.

I had never experienced 2-step before, only seen in the ever-so-popular YouTube videos of street racing, so it was a must-do. If you weren't convinced that we really wanted this review to go on, Jack's S4 is purple, even parts in the engine are purple.

Oh, and it's completely, all the way through, straight piped, and it sounds insane. This is one of those cars that takes something special to appreciate, the wrap, the straight pipes, the 2-step, isn't for everyone, but the guys at SFCN can really appreciate this build-in-progress. Before that day, we’d only reviewed supercars, Jay’s GT-R, Chris’ R8, and more recently Cam’s RS3. But this car was easily just as fun as those other ones. The 2000 S4 with its twin-turbo V6 makes all the right sounds on up and downshift's. It's a savage machine that is screaming at you to go harder on the throttle, and all that Jack did was listen to that scream. And all we could do was put our backs to the seats and laugh. With all this cars savagery, it’s very surprisingly laughable, which we enjoyed quite thoroughly the whole ride. Let’s get into probably our longest mods list yet, and into this review!


- SRM K24 Turbos

- Tial Wastegates

- Custom Tune

- 550cc Injectors

- Lightweight ECS Crank Pulley

- Forge 008 Diverter Valves

- 3Bar Map Sensor

- Front Mount Intercooler

- Rebuilt Transmission

- Stage 4 Plus Ringer Racing Clutch

- Clutchmaster Flywheel

- XS Power Downpipes

- Oversized Inlets

- Solid Motor Mounts

- K&N Air Filter

- 85mm MAF Housing

- RS4 Intake Tube

- RS4 Front Bumper

- Purple Wrap from Buffalo Dips

- 18 inch F1R F29 Wheels

- About 450 horsepower to the wheels. Although Jack and his tuner are attempting to get over 600 horsepower to the wheels after building the block. The S4 had only 250 horsepower when it was stock.

The Experience

We knew that this was going to be a different review, as soon as we pulled up to Jack's house we knew actually. When we got out of the car, the first thing Jack said to us was, "I've never done one of these before so I'm super nervous". Which we can understand going into a review, and after, he asked for our honest opinion on the car. We, of course, loved it. Because having a bright purple car that's straight piped isn't easy, especially in Buffalo, where being out of the box is really looked down upon. We're here not only to bring publicity to Jack's car but to bring Jack out into the light, and we stay positive to avoid hate because the last thing we need is more hate in our community. Jack was worried about this because he didn't want his car to have to get hate no matter how cool and fast it is. This has really combined the summary into the experience of this review so no need for our last section. Remember, respect all builds and get rid of the hate

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