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Meet Jay, The Owner Of Western New York’s Coolest Car.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We’ve all seen crazy 1000 horsepower widebody GT-R’s. But by modifying standards, this Godzilla build is subtle compared to others. So buckle up! And let’s get into my first review of this 600 horsepower beast!

Jay‘s 2014 GT-R is the best in Western New York, it’s not overdone, and most definitely not stock. We met Jay at his college house, and he layed out some stats and facts on his Zilla. He bought it on February 14, bone stock from an auction in Florida when it was Super Sliver. His first car was an all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger in red, and he still keeps it as his daily now. His first modification to the car was a green wrap. He later changed it to a metallic orange, and finally, the matte orange you see here.

What got Jay started on cars was, as for most of us, the Fast and Furious movie series. He saw those and instantly knew that he needed to have these exotic, fast cars. He tells us that since the start when he saw the Fast and Furious series, he was hooked. Before the GT-R, he considered an Alpina B6, and an Audi RS5, but the GT-R was his ultimate dream, and now he has it. When we went over to his house, we talked with him and his roommates for a while. Then we got to the car.

This GT-R in particular has a cat-back exhaust, a stage 1 tune, intakes, a wing, and some carbon fibre front canards and splitter. This adds up to around 600 horsepower at the crank. When Jay popped the hood to show us this beautiful RB38DETT twin turbo V6 we marveled at how clean and well kept it was, even for a Buffalo car. Only 4 people in the world can build these engines, this particular one by Nobumitsu Gozu.

”I’ve loved cars my entire life”

-Jay when we asked how long he liked cars.

Let's talk about how cars have shaped Jay's life, he says they taught him how to be cooperative and kind to youth, which he was very nice to me and my crew, and just being good in general and not hating on other peoples builds. When we asked what he does other than cars, he said he prioritizes his own business, J&K Precision Cleaning, Although Jay lives and breaths cars. His friends are all car people, his roommates are car people, this is his life, and he loves it. He tells us that one of his best experiences in cars was this year's show in Ocean City, H₂Oi, where Schwaa Films did a video with his and some of his friend's cars. Just the day we reviewed the car, it hit 30,000 miles, he bought it with less than 7,000.

Now I didn’t get to drive the GT-R, but I can tell you, it is fast. 600 power is a lot more than it sounds. Even in first gear, the turbo lags for so long before you really feel it all. but when boost hits around 3500 rpm, it goes down the road like a rocket on rails. Even with 600 horsepower, the all-wheel-drive system works very well. Inside the GT-R you hear every noise it makes, transmission, engine, all of it. It’s raw and crazy. Godzilla is out there to kill you. And it will if you're not careful, when Jay hit the gas, although the car goes when you hit it, you feel it scramble and see on the performance gauges in the screen that it shoots from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive very quickly. The GT-R is fast, loud, mechanical and raw. And that's why Jay loves it.

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