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McLaren, Great Cars Made By A Company With Big Flaws

Don’t get me wrong, McLaren makes great cars, but they certainly have some issues.

So what’s wrong with them? It’s how they launch their car, please, correct me if there’s a better way to put it but it’s clean and simple, McLaren has launch issues. They seem to think that all their products have to be released within weeks of each other. The amazing 720S was released with perfect timing, and so were all the cars before that were as well. But when McLaren released the Senna just seven months later, it ruined the entire hype for the very cool Super Series. It isn‘t bad that McLaren is trying to get its best products out quickly, just that the newer cars step on the new cars.

And then, even after the Senna was released again McLaren tripped over itself when it unveiled the Speedtail a little less than a year after. What’s wrong with this? Well, if you‘ve just bought a 720S and the Senna was released just as your new 720 was delivered and you want to show it off to your friends, but it’s just not cool anymore because now the Senna is the cool new McLaren. Make more sense now? I hope. If McLaren wants to make it‘s customers feel special, they need to change and spread out the launches of its special super and hyper cars.

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