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Lamborghini is all ‘bout the V12, but the EU7 standards have other ideas.

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Lamborghini certainly loves it’s V12. But upcoming EU7 emission standards can potentially throw their V12 out of existence. Changing those cylinders could cost an insane amount of money.

According to CarBuzz’s article on this problem, Audi estimates that it could cost $900 million just to update the V12 and fund replacement engines for the Aventador and Huracan.

Lamborghini claimed they could do it for much less, only around $400 million, and the updates to the V12 costing only $55 million. But no matter how you look at it, bringing the cost down that low seems like a real challenge. Audi reportedly has a hybrid V8 that they plan to use on the Huracan and Aventador, which could simplify things. But for now Lamborghini has very expensive problem on their hands.

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