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Car Season Has Sprung! We Started Off With A Bang.

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Saturday, April 25th, 2020, the entirety of Springville, New York was woken up. Nine cars ripped through the little town, exhaust crackles echoing off the buildings as we rolled through. This was the first-ever Super Fast Car News Car Cruise, and it was everything we'd dreamed of.

"What cars showed up? How did it go? Where did we meet? Where did we stop?", are all questions we're going to answer in this post cruise review.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves and dive into the details of the cruise, it's worth mentioning how this all came about. As we are all cooped up riding out the current situation, our team, like so many others, are longing for the days of community interaction combined with the smell of 93 octane combustion. We had a eureka moment while munching on a pizza for dinner on a Thursday night.

We knew that the members of our local community could be responsible in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and we could pull-off a "socially-distanced" cruise. So, with a little research on a place to meet and some quick route planning, our team took to Instagram and fired off a few DMs to gauge interest.

As if we should have ever doubted, the response was an overwhelming, "Oh hell yeah"!

And that was it. The first ever SFCN cruise was born.

Ok, to start, who came? Nine different cars driven by nine die-hard car enthusiasts who couldn't wait to get out and put some miles on the odometer. An Audi R8, (yes the one we reviewed!), an AMG C63, Charger SRT, M240i, 335i, Camaro SS, Mustang GT, Audi RS3 (another great car we reviewed), and a Honda Pilot, (yes, a Honda Pilot as it's our official SFCN media car).

A little more about the route. We met In Orchard Park at the private country club, which we were politely asked not to stay too long because they didn't want a congregation, totally respectable request given the current situation. After we rolled out, we headed down a stretch of road with a great combination of curves and decent straights where our crew could practice some early season cornering and open up our rides a little too.

Along our route, we stopped at a small restaurant in the sleepy small town of Colden called the Colden Market for lunch. Julie, the owner, took orders over the phone and had everything ready when we arrived. They had amazing food that almost everyone ordered. This was most definitely worth coming out of hiding to be a part of.

To satisfy your curiosity for how we followed "social distancing rules" let us explain how this went down. At the meeting spot, most everyone stayed in their cars. Our camera guy and a couple others took some pictures for Instagram. If you got out, you had to wear a mask and stay away from each other, which we all did. At lunch, we had the food brought out to us so only those using the restrooms went in. And, as much as we wanted to hi-five and shake hands, there was no contact at all, so we did follow all the rules.

How did it go? Incredibly well! The 60 degree and sunny weather (amazing for Upstate NY in April) had everyone wanting to get out, and that's just what this cruise was for. So thank you to those who made it out, and to those who didn't, please send us a DM on Instagram and we can give you details for the next event! Going forward we'll be doing these cruises once each month. May's event has not been planned yet but details will be coming soon so follow us on Instagram or send us an email at

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, SFCN will receive an affiliate commission. It's ok though! All the stuff we reference here is legit and from great companies and individuals.

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