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This is Chris, He Owns A 600 Horsepower R8 V10, With A Gated Manual

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

It was a little rainy, but Chris still took time out of his day to show us around his incredible R8.

It was a rainy, last minute review, and it turned out to be incredible. It was late the night before that this review got scheduled, and it was almost called off an hour before, but boy both the team at SFCN and you readers will be very happy because this was an amazing review. Let‘s get into it.

Chris Einhart, 29, is the owner of this beautiful 2012 Audi R8 V10 with a gated manual transmission. Let‘s talk about what he’s done to the car.


- Stage 1 ECU tune from Fabspeed

- 600 wheel horsepower

- Custom fabricated exhaust from Oregon where it was purchased

- BMC F1 Performance intakes

- One of 89 manual cars in black for 2012

- One of 5 manual cars with Carbon Package in 2012

- APR wing and side blades

- Custom front lip

Now, onto Chris.


Super Fast Car News: What sparked your interest for cars?

Chris: Fast and Furious, when I saw the first movie I was 11, but it was really when Tokyo Drift came out that I knew I loved cars and when I was younger I worked on my parents Jetta with my dad.

SFCN: Thoughts on the Buffalo car scene?

C: There‘s a lot of great people in Buffalo, but a few bad apples can ruin it for some people. When I first moved here my modified Tiburon was hated on because well, it was a modified Tiburon.

Chris is one of the most humble and chill people in Buffalo, a community with plenty “snooty” as Chris said, people. He also tells us that every car he buys and every modification he makes is for him, and that he doesn’t care if someone else wants him to change something or hates on his car. All for him, which takes a lot in a community with very few nice and humble people. He plans to do a Stage 2 retune with DME, giving him 600 plus horsepower.

The Experience

Chris is good friends with Jay, the owner of the GT-R that was in our first review, so we can compare the feel of the GT-R to the R8. Although the GT-R is quite a bit faster, it doesn’t feel it, it squirms when you mash the gas pedal, it doesn’t slide into the next lane like the R8. They both make around 600 horsepower but the R8 feels faster due to its natural aspiration and V10 sound. With confirmation from both Chris and Jay, the GT-R has won every race they’ve don. Chris says, “I’ve beaten him. Just not in the GT-R”. We talked with Chris more about his past, and he’s worked for this. He bought his first car, a 2002 Nissan Sentra by himself, and most of his cars were manual and all were bought by him. Even the R8 that he bought in March from Oregon.


Overall, this review was last minute but turned out to be great, Chris, an amazing guy, follow him on Instagram @boostakits and his startup wrap shop The Lab.

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