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ICE, Should We Really Worry About Losing It?

The internal combustion engine (ICE if you don’t know) seems to be dying. Am I sad, yes, is is eventually going to be gone completely? I’m afraid so. If things continue to move in this direction, all ICE‘s will be phased out very soon. But we have to consider companies like Dodge, who don’t have a single hybrid in their lineup. But even Jaguar, who makes a 575 hp supercharged V8 has made their first electric car, the I-Pace with more on the way. Lamborghini has made their first hybrid, the Sian. But they announced tech like that won’t make it into the next Aventador. It’s too bad, like the horse, it will get replaced at some point. This is just laying out the facts, so enjoy your ICE cars, and don’t give in to those scummy Teslas and those other silent disgraces!

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