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What it means to be a car enthusiast

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

To be a car enthusiast means more than just Hot Wheels and the movie "Cars". It's going to meets, making new friends, learning, and just being around what you love. My road to cars all started with a Motor Trend magazine I got from the local library, and that's just one of many ways we get addicted to these machines. And while being an enthusiast may mean many different things to different groups, drifters, tuners, muscle car and super car people, we're all in the same community for pretty similar reasons: to meet people, have fun, and enjoy the cars we love most, no matter what type they are.

To be a car enthusiast means more than just Hot Wheels and the movie "Cars".

The next time someone asks you what you like, don't just say, "I'm into cars", tell them that you like super cars, or whatever you're into, and more importantly tell them why. Maybe you'll make a enthusiast of them. If you love cars, share it with the people you know and love, and let them help you get out there, travel if you can, go to your local dealer and talk to them about their cars. I've found they are actually very welcoming and appreciate when you come in to talk about the things you love.

But most importantly, engage with people, make friends and let them teach you.

So whatever type of car enthusiast you are, get out and share it with the world that you don't just collect Hot Wheels, because there's so much more than that.

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