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Five Features On Five Cars That Made Them Illegal In The U.S.

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

You really might be surprised at some of the things that are illegal here in America, here are some interesting features that prevented cars from being sold in the US of A.

1. 2004 Volkswagen Beetle 'Ultima Edicion'

The Beetle can be found anywhere in America, in all different specifications and different editions. Here's one we didn't get, and for an incredibly silly reason. The Ultima was banned simply because it had a frunk or front trunk and it was a "safety hazard". Just wait, this list gets better.

2. 1996-2006 TVR Tuscan

This one is illegal in the US for one reason and one reason only, it has no regard for the driver or their safety. The owner of TVR at the time thought safety features were too heavy and dulled the driving experience for a car, so he didn't use any. No traction control, anti-lock brakes or even airbags. If you know TVR you also know their favorite thing to do was catch fire and destroy themselves, so instead of airbags, they should have given buyers a fire extinguisher...

3. Lamborghini Strosek Diablo

This is a rare, odd looking car that is not driveable on American roads for a couple "small" reasons. One, the size of its headlights, and how small they are. And two, the placement of its wing mirrors, they're on the A-pillars. No other reasons.

4. Lotus Elise Series 1 and 340R

Both these pure sports cars are forbidden here because of its lacking of windows and roofs, and in the case of the 340, no doors either.

5. Porsche 959

This is an interesting story, as the 959 was never intended for sale in the U.S, but Bill Gates loved this car and added one to his collection. Unfortunately it was stuck in U.S customs for a very long time, simply because it wasn't crash tested to U.S. regulations. So Mr. Gates being the innovative problem solver that he is, donated his car for testing to allow all 959's into America. Nice work Bill taking one for the team!

There you go! Just a little something to get you thinking and inspire you to look at these cars more closely and try and understand why some of the are illegal.

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