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Do You Know Your Corvettes?

With the recent release of the new mid-engined C8, we thought it‘d be good to do a quick overview of them all. And it’s we’re not going to waste your time and go over every single option and in depth engine spec, but just so you can say, “That’s a nice C5 over there” and not have to debate over what it is.

The C1. This one is pretty easy, the C1 was released with dual headlights and then updated to the quad headlights that are pictured above. All other Corvettes had pop-ups until the C6. The C1 has the iconic white section from the back of the wheel well to nearly the end of the door. It was only available as a convertible, and a hardtop was included.

The C2. All of these are relatively easy to tell apart, but the C2 looks an awful like the C3. But the C2 was the first ‘Vette with pop-ups, and the vent behind the front wheel, an iconic feature in every Corvette, is split in two halfway down. And the Stingray badge is very high up on the fender.

The C3. The C3 was quite similar to the C2, but with a few key differences, for example, the chrome placement. The front bumper chrome goes all the way across, unlike in the C2, where there are two separate pieces.

The C4. This is where the Corvette lost it’s curvy look, which isn’t bad, because the C4 still looks great. So there’s big difference, but other key differences are the fact that the lower lights are square and more centered than the later C5, which is what this car will probably be most confused with.

The C5. The C5 is a good looking car, as far as muscle goes, but the lines from the back of he front wheel well, that weren‘t present in the C4 are back. And the little black piece right before the rear wheels is shaped like a piece of macaroni.

The C6. The C6 is really easy to tell apart from the C5 and the C7, it has no pop-ups, and no option for a black hood piece and no little black poece is on this one.

The C7. The last of the front engined ‘Vettes, the C7 has a black air exit on the front fender, and that black piece? It’s been turned into a air vent.

The C8: It‘s kind of obvious, but the main difference is the fact that it’s mid-engined, and looks quite a bit different than the C7. Like the quad tailpipes have been split and moved to each side.

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