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COVID-19, What's It Doing To Our Community And What Are We Doing About It?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

As this pandemic grows and becomes a bigger and bigger issue for us, let's take a minute to step back, forget about our empty shelves and toilet paper memes, and really see what this has done to us. If you're new to us, this is a recent startup that has only begun in August of last year, and we missed most of the events of that summer. We were hoping that 2020 would be our year to shine, and as we creep ever closer to 1,000 followers on Instagram, it seems like we're in a good place. But with the COVID-19 virus sweeping the world, all of us are stuck inside, car shows are canceled, and people are encouraged to be alone.

So here we are, in our homes, but that's not a terrible thing, as for most of us, our hygiene has stepped up quite a few notches, and people are out hiking and walking their pets.

What is really inspiring to see in the car world is how many people are setting up virtual car shows

editing in cars to a picture of an empty parking lot and tagging friends. This goes to show we have hope and happiness. Yes, the shelves are empty of gloves, masks, and other essentials, but things like these virtual meets tell us there's still a light at the end of this long tunnel. We don't want to sound too negative here, but companies such as Accuair have been forced to close their doors. So if you're not staying home, please do. If you're not washing your hands, get after it. If you want to hang out with friends, use things like Zoom, or better yet, go join a virtual car meet.

Our world needs positivity right now, and seeing this tells us we have amazing ways to stay happy. It does leave us asking, "when will this be over?" and if big shows later in the year like SEMA and the Goodwood Festival of Speed will be shut down, and even little things like our local Cars & Coffee events won't see a 2020 season. If anyone is bothering to wonder what will happen here at SFCN HQ, here's a little info to fill you in: Yes, we will continue to try and provide you with our best content possible. Yes, we are staying safe and inside. Yes, we are attending virtual meets. Yes, we will soon be starting a Tik Tok account to keep our Instagram page clear of post spam. One final and important disclaimer: If you see videos and articles posted on the site and Instagram account, they were filmed/written before the pandemic broke out and staying home was recommended. Thank you for your continued support, and stay safe!

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