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Car Stereotypes Have Been Brought Into The Sales World

We all know the stereotype about Subaru WRX and STI owners vaping, but what about Focus RS owners? Apparently it’s the same with them. This 2016 RS is for sale in Salt Lake City’s Prestman Auto for $25,900 with only 34,576 miles on the clock. Cool car, low miles, low price, and a vape pen. You heard us right, this Focus comes with a free vape pen. But before we get more into that, the paint color is Shadow Black with the charcoal black interior, with Recaro seats and the navigation system. No mods are mentioned, but by the looks of it, it‘s still stock.

So moving back to the vape pen. Prestman didn’t specify what type it would be, but it doesn’t really matte, free is free, and with a used price this cheap on the RS, it sounds like a great deal.

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