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Bugatti’s Speed Record, Is It Legit?

We‘ve all seen the video on Instagram and soon after YouTube, they’ve done it, Bugatti has broken 300 mph, 300.4 to be exact. What did they do it in? A modified Chiron, which brings us to the controversy. The Koenigsegg Agera RS holds the record for the fastest production car, what does that mean? There has to be more than 18 made, the run must be in two opposite directions, and it must be road legal. This Chiron misses two of those criteria, so it doesn’t officially hold the record, but 300 mph is fast, and Bugatti deserves respect for just that.

It’s not the record holder,

But we suspect that this will be the upcoming Chiron Super Sport, much like the Veyron SS. And we don’t know much about the both direction issue. So before you go complain on social media platforms, just remember that you probably haven’t gone 300 mph in a car before, so respect them. And stay updated for the production car.

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