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Bugatti Made A Toy Car

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

And for more than a Civic Type R. If Bentley can do it, Bugatti can do it a whole lot better. Although Bentley hasn’t made a crazy expensive toy car yet, they have experience in the craft with books and even a laptop computer. But with Bugatti being Bugatti, they had to make a toy car and sell it for insane money. Images from CarBuzz.

Ettore Bugatti once made a car for his little son Jean, it was based on the Type 35 and was called the Baby. The company built 500 of these little guys from 1927 to 1936. So with Bugatti turning 110, they had to do something crazy to add to all the new models it’s released.

Meet the Baby II, it’s an electric “car” that is much bigger than the normal ride on car. The original Baby was 50 percent scale, which is a little small, but the new one is 75 percent scale of the real Type 35 so even adults can fit in it. All 500 will be 3D printed, and sorry, they’re all sold out so you can’t spend $33,000 on a toy car. Yeah, $33,000 a pop. But the specs are cool, probably not cool enough to match the price, so here they are anyway. It has a sliding pedal box to accommodate different sized kiddos, rear-wheel-drive, with two driving modes, a 1Kw child mode rocketing up to 12 mph, and a 4Kw adult mode going all the way up to 28 mph.

You can get your Baby in three different specs, Baby II with a carbon composite body, Baby II Vitesse with a carbon fiber body and Speed Key, and finally the Baby II Pur Sang with a hand built aluminum body and Speed Key. So is it a lot of money? Yes, for something you cant drive on the road, but it’s really cool, all the owners will probably have this parked next to their real Type 35 in their garages. And if you still want on, there is a way for a buyer to drop out if they do choose, and you can snap up your build spot so you and your kids can drive this little beast.

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