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800 Horsepower Lamborghini Huracan, Pure V10 Sensation

There are good days, and then there was this day, which falls into a special category as one we say we’ll "never forget". Let’s start from the beginning. 6 A.M, my alarm rings, another early start. A couple hours later, my ride pulls in. Nothing less than the monster that is Joe @hilltopphotography’s Nardo Grey Audi RS7, on a full tank of gas and some brand new Vossen wheels. Joe and I begin our hour and a half journey up to Rochester on this foggy morning to see another one of those cars that exist to most of us only in fantasies, the Lamborghini Huracan. But not just any Huracan, oh no, we met with Dennis Kelly to review his spectacular 2019 Hurcan with a titanium exhaust and a Whipple Supercharger mounted on the 5.2 Liter V10.

We arrived at the house, roads a little wet and Tim Hortons just setting in, truly dumbfounded by the car when our eyes first saw it. I walked around in awe of the angular lines and aggressive styling of Lamborghini’s baby raging bull, if such a thing exists. Parked in a garage with good company, the likes of superbikes, snowmobiles, and other adrenaline pumping machines, the Hurcan was truly the crown jewel.

Den slid into the cockpit, flipped the fighter-jet style flap covering the start button, and prods the beast into life with a snarl like I’d never heard before, rattling the windows in their panes and my chest along with it. The Huracan runs through its normal cold-start programming and pulls out into the light, with what little sun there is, reflecting off the corners and angles of the car.

The Huracan is stunning, a true sight to behold especially compared to its little brother, the Audi R8, but spec'ed here in a deep black, it feels almost understated, quite deceiving let me tell you.

Let’s talk numbers, the 2019 Huracan makes about 600 horsepower from the factory, but the twin-screw supercharger brings that up to almost 800, with a few more ponies being eeked out from the brilliant titanium exhaust. It weighs just around 3,400 pounds and uses a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission to get those 800 horses to the tires.

The interior, black hexagonal leather (an amazing look for the Huracan) with red accenting seatbelts to compliment the fighter-jet feel and the classic Lamborghini raging bull crest on the headrests. Every bit of the interior is artistic, from the reversed window switches (pull back to put down and push forward to go up) to the start button itself, it’s all just fabulous. I could type a few more paragraphs about how well the headliner meets the dash or other things that might bore you. I'll suppress that urge and just mention that Lamborghini's attention to detail put into each and every car they make is fantastic. So, I’ll move onto the experience.

The car fired back into life after some initial photos were taken by Joe. We all agreed that the toggle switch on the bottom of the steering wheel would be firmly "toggled" from Strada (Street) to the brutal Corsa (Race) mode for this test drive. We were ready to go.

The symphony of this Huracan begins with the bone-shaking boom at idle, and as the revs build, the characteristic supercharger whine starts to flood your ear canals, encompassing all noises except for the underlying wail of the V10 itself.

Roads still damp from the rain of the previous night, we pull out of the driveway with caution, and slowly make our way up and into second gear. The 7-speed bangs shift points off with unbelievable speed and violence like a whip-crack, and, as the RPMs continue to grow, 3,000 then 4,000, then 5,000. Before I can settle into the surprisingly comfortable and spacious, for a supercar, (I’m about 5’10) seats Den nails the throttle, triggering what can only be described as a bull rearing back and then charging, head down horns first. The supercharger builds boost, cramming air into everyone of the demanding 10-cylinders. The tires scramble for traction, sending the tachometer straight into the rev limiter for a moment of pure adrenaline rush. Then the DCT slams into third gear and we rocket off with a vigor compared to nothing I’ve ever felt before. If your pulse just didn't raise 20 bpm from reading that, you should have some one check you to make sure you're still with us...

Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, this is a supercharged jet engine on wheels. We repeat this action several more times, purely for the adrenaline rush it so satisfyingly provides.

As we let that all settle in for a moment, let's discuss how the Huracan compares to one of its closest competitors, the Ferrari 488 (a review of which you’ll see coming from us soon). A 488 is admittedly more comfortable, with a much higher roofline and a smaller door sill, but it loses points in the acceleration and grip categories because of the RWD-only drivetrain.

And not to give too much away from the 488 review we have in the pipe-line, another lacking area of the Ferrari is experience and exhilaration. We love that here at SFCN, so a car that delivers on this, like Den's Hurcan does, get's ultra-high marks from our team. But we’ll save the rest of the comparison for another time and leave the verdict to the readers of the future.

Finally, my conclusion on the literal storm that is the Lamborghini Huracan: This supercar seems to be taking on the stigma of “old news” lately. Some people's eyebrows don't raise as high as they used to when one drives by and some have even started to take this car less and less seriously. In our opinion they are gravely mistaken because the Huracan is an angry hornet with 800 horsepower as its stinger. It delivers an amazing mix of violent exhilaration with refined quality and attention to detail. So, you tell us, buzzed by a Huracan such as this, or are you better suited for a comfortable seat that a ride like the 488 provides? Let us know on our Instagram @superfastcarnews.

For more great content, check out our Instagram @superfastcarnews Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, SFCN will receive an affiliate commission. It's ok though! All the stuff we reference here is legit and from great companies and individuals. The photographs used in this article are amazing and all image credit goes to @hilltopphotography_ on Instagram.

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