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The YouTube Car Community Is Under Attack

And they’re doing nothing to help

Many decently large automotive YouTubers accounts have been hacked. Emails have been sent to YouTube, and only generic responses come back. Channels like maxtchekvids, with 48,000 subscribers, PURE Function with 39,000 subscribers, Black Widow Supra with more than 130,000 subscribers and Musafir, with 1.3 million subs. Another high profile user that has been hacked is Troy Sowers, who has 114,000 subs to his channel.

So what happened? Well, a very individualized email was sent out to these creators asking them about sone sort of a business offer. If they accepted, the hackers could surpass the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) which is supposed to protect these creators from hacks like this. But a phishing tool called Modlishka allows 2FA to be surpassed. Not boding when for these guys

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