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The new Ford GT Mk II, did you really think they were done?

Here it is, finally a faster, better, more track focused Ford GT. The Mk II follows no regulations whatsoever, its in its own league.

Here are the numbers, the EcoBoost V6 has been pushed all the way up to over 700HP, it has 400% more downforce than the road legal GT, and is limited to only 45 units, all of them sold at $1.2 Million.

To get these insane numbers, oil gallery-cooled pistons, high-flow charged air coolers and exhaust and calibration tuning were added to make the Mk II the monster it is. And on the aero side of things, a bigger, dual element fixed rear wing, a new front splitter and a race inspired rear diffuser and fender louvers and dive planes.

With new Sparco racing seats, the passenger is just an option, and these new seats come with six point harnesses and a MoTec data logging system making this a true race car.

And of course, being an even MORE special version of an already special car, the GT Mk II is limited to only 45 cars, each being built and sold by Multimatic. Every car will be different due to its exclusivity, and can be designed to the owners liking by Multimatic. Things like personalized liveries, air jacks, A/C or cool suits will be available. The first 5 will be delivered by this Christmas, and 15 more delivered for the next 3 years.

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