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The Koenigsegg Jesko’s LST, Lets Dive In

We all know that Koenigsegg broke new ground with the one-speed hybrid Regera, and they‘ve done it again with the Agera replacement, the Jesko. So let’s start with the specs of the LST which by the way stands for Light Speed Transmission. It’s a 9-speed but it has seven clutche. Confused? Us too. But now we all know how it works. A DCT has selector forks, collars and synchronizers to engage each gear, but the LST doesn’t. The Jesko selects it’s gears by opening and closing the clutches, and fast, like two milliseconds fast. DCT’s do basically the same, but the cars ECU can only preselect one gear, and if it’s guess is wrong, the shift times are slower. It’s great for track but if your attempting a pass on the highway, it takes too long. But the LST has one clutch for each gear pair, which allows compounding gears.

This only weighs 198 pounds mind you, and that’s half the Agera’s. The LST is a DCT that doesn’t need to make prediction, it’s ready for anything. Koenigsegg calls it UPOD or Ultimate Power On Demand, to put you in the best gear for acceleration. UPOD works by giving the driver two shift options, a single pull of the paddle shifts one gear, while holding a paddle downshifts to the best gear for acceleration, it does the same for upshifts, highest gear without bogging the engine. So it’s much better than a DCT on the highway, when your cruising at a low rpm and a high gear and go for a pass, there‘s no delay from you stepping on it to you being in the lowest possible gear.

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