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Tesla Cybertruck Released, Mixed Opinions Follow.

So when Tesla announced that they would be making a truck, we got excited for an elegant, Model S like thing of beauty, boy were we wrong.

We waited to bring you this article because we wanted to hear the very, very mixed reactions to this interesting machine. It’s reveal was a bit of a fail in some ways, but we have a bad feeling that the little mess up was all planned by Elon. If you don‘t know, Mr. Musk was demonstrating the shatter resistance of its windows, when a metal ball was thrown at the window, twice may I remind you, both shattered with Elon quoting, “That may have been a little too hard”.

Moving on to the specs of the truck, 3 versions will be available. The Single Motor at $39k, the Dual Motor at $50k, and the 500 mile, 2.9 second 60 time Triple Motor at a Silverado High Country like $70k.

The bed of the Cybertruck is really quite cool, it has a cover that almost makes it look like an SUV, and the tailgate will extend out to become a ramp so you can drive you electric quad up into the bed that Elon unveiled along side the truck. Big Boss tells us that in the first two days after its reveal, the Cybertruck got over 160k orders, with no advertising or promotion. Go reserve yours now, only $100. Get your very fast electric doorstop now.

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