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Lamborghini Sian Released, It’s A Hybrid!

We saw the teasers, and now we have full pictures of Lamborghini‘s few-off hybrid hypercar. It’s called the Sian, and it looks quite a bit like the Terzo Millenio concept before it, but this one is very real. It’s V12 from the Aventador has been hybridized, boosting it all the way to 807 horsepower. Does it look good? That’s for you to decide, I personally don‘t lIke it. But that doesn’t mean people don’t want it, all 63 are completely sold out.

The rear does look a bit better, with the Lamborghini lines really showing, and the high mounted exhaust adds to the aggressiveness. But the wheels look like they’re aftermarket, but this is just in Lambos renderings, they may not make it into production. Not much else has been confirmed but it will be interesting to see what comes during the Frankfurt show coming up.

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