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SFCN’s Dealer’s Choice advertisement package provides dealership partners access to members of the SFCN audience that are in the market to take ownership of a new or quality used vehicle. Direct to consumer access through targeted premium advertisements will increase sales and move inventory.  The Dealer’s Choice Package includes:

  • Five (5) featured postings per month, on all SFCN media channels, of premium new or used vehicles that the dealership partner is offering for sale.  “Premium” vehicles are offerings that have the highest trim level of a particular model or are a common luxury or exotic brand. SFCN will advertise direct to our audience members the offering for sale providing contact information of the dealership or sales representative managing the ale of the vehicle.
  • Three (3) featured review per calendar month of a premium new or used vehicle that the dealership partner is offering for sale.  The review will include video, written, and social media promotional elements.
  • The promotion, SFCN staff attendance, and follow-up of two (2) dealership promotional events per month.
  • An “in-line” mention in the monthly SFCN newsletter promoting your dealership in the main body of the newsletter.

Dealer's Choice Advertisement Package

Price Options
Dealer's Ch - SFCN
$200.00every month until canceled
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