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Meet The Most Powerful GT Ever, The Drako GTE

You’ve never heard of it, guaranteed. So hears your call to listen. A small Silicon Valley company by the name of Drako Motors said back In June that they would reveal their electric GT at the Quail last week, and they held true to their promise.

Let’s get started with the specs. The GTE is powered by a 90 kWh battery with 4 electric motors making 1,200 horsepower. But that’s not powerful compared to the newest electric supercars. But what’s special is it’s skull-smashing 6,490 lb-ft of torque. Not a typo. It tops out at 206 mph. This car is a beast.

The torque vectoring system was developed on the ‘Ring, it can make adjustments over 1,000 times per second. It’s based on the last generation Fisker Karma which can be seen in the profile. The hood is carbon fiber with 3 intakes. Slim headlights and a very low splitter make for a very aggressive look, while a black rear diffuser and subtle trunk spoiler make for a beautiful rear end. Nothing has been released on range or charge times but a 15kW onboard charger and 150 kW chargers should make it a very fast charger. It uses Ohlins suspension with front and rear Brembo carbon ceramic brakes with 20-inch Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires with optional 21-inch Sport 4S‘ for the road.

Inside the cabin, there is plenty of room for four adults to sit comfortably with a mix of hand stitched leather and alcantara, and a range of materials and colors can be custom ordered. Speaking of ordering, only 25 will be made, each starting at 1.25 million. Drako is accepting orders and deposits with deliveries coming in 2020.

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