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Let’s Talk About Street Racing

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

We’ve all seen videos of 1500 horsepower Supras facing off against GT-R’s with turbos bigger than your head. It‘s cool, but would you ever do it? But we’ll start with why.

Going to a track for some laps is very expensive, track insurance can be more than $1000 dollars just to get on safely.

There are a lot of rules on a track and some people don‘t live very close to tracks. So they street race instead. It’s free, you can win money, and all you need is a local group and a long highway. I don‘t know everything about street racing but it’s mostly simple, go fast, avoid the cops, and show off your car and it’s ability. I don’t recommend street racing, but I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done either. But lets be honest, we all love seeing those videos. It’s not safe in any way shape or form, so if you street race, do it safely please, we need to watch those video. Have a great night!

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